About Us!

An independent smart repair company by Louis Wan.

Louis Wan ran a highly successful ChipsAway franchise covering Guildford and Godalming for almost 10 years.  We still offer the same great service, skill and dedication to customer satisfaction.

We offer a fully mobile (weather permitting)  and Workshop service and are committed to providing the highest quality smart repairs you can buy at very reasonable prices.

We operate typically within an approximate  half an hour drive out of Guildford.  If you live outside of this area, we will be happy to serve you in our workshops in Guildford.  Please call for confirmation.

Bumper Scuffs  |  Minor Dents  |  Scratches  |  Interior Trim and Upholstery  |  Alloy Wheels

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Why Choose CPR?

8 Principles of Our Work

When choosing a repairer, it is very important not to judge on price alone (although our prices are always competitive and can be more than 50% cheaper than some bodyshops on occasions).  It is a commonly mistaken fact that all repairs will be same wherever you go.  Unfortunately this is not the case. We have seen many poor quality repairs which are not covered by any warranty, quickly leading to rust and peeling paint, seriously devaluing your car.  It is much harder (and will cost you more) to repair poor workmanship.