Bumper Scuffs

Scuffed scratched and dented bumpers can be fixed at a fraction of the cost and time of going to a full bodyshop. We only repair and paint the damaged areas where possible and blend this seamlessly into the original finish.  We retain more of the manufacturers original finish, which is often superior to any after market refinish in terms of durability and chemical resistance.

Toyota Auris Bumper Scuff
Car damage - Before


Depending on severity, we can refine,reduce or sometimes remove the scratch completely without painting using  high tech superfine abrasives and advanced polishing compounds.  If the scratch is in a suitable location we can  perform a perfectly colour matched localised paint repair.  We will advise on what we can do, the likely outcome and possible limitations of the repair.  We do not normally  spray paint large flat panels like bonnets or rooves, however we will improve damage and touch in if necessary in these areas.   If you need a full bodyshop repair we can advise on local trusted garages, so it really pays to visit us first.


These are typically the annoying car park dings or can be a something a little more substantial.  Our highly skilled Dent technician has over 20 years experience and  have saved our customers hundreds by repairing panels which would otherwise needed new panels and the side of the car re-spraying.

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