Toyota Auris Poor Filler Work

The Scuff

The client presented a 2007 Toyota Auris, with a scuff and small dent. Unfortunately, underneath this scuff was a poor previous repair job – a bad repaint, and a poor use of filler.

Toyota Auris Bumper Scuff
Toyota Auris Poor Paint Condition

A Bad Respray

Removing the bumper protector revealed the common effect of using an unskilled company to repaint an area of a car.

The little bobbles are where water has crept underneath the paint. It would spread by capillary action across the bumper if left.

Previous Overuse of Filler

This was a good example of some repairers unnecessary use of filler. Less is more. There was no damage behind it, only a bit lower down which needs to be refilled.

Toyota Auris Poor Filler Work

The finished Job:

The car was refilled and the bumper was repainted. Please note that to keep costs down, the client did not request a perfect finish (hence the bulge on top) as a bumper protector was to be fitted here.

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